3D and 2D design


13 x 11 x 3 inch

Copper and bronze

(in private collection)

What kind of art is possible to create from a recycle paper? I used old magazines and make the dots pattern to create this portrait.

Marilyn Monroe

Collage on paper 14 x11 inch, by the dots from a magazine

559.00 $


I use the idea of nest for my light- night.

The organic medium and natural shape make a cool blue light cozy and miracle.

Bird House

2016, 29 x 11 x 11 inch, Wood, branches, chalk paint, foam crumb.

75.00 $

Organic shape as a content.

Color gradient from young greenery to very deep red dark, represents the slice of life. The simple rhythm of shape insensibly increase and gradually decrease. Every slice of the period in our life that has events and news.


7.5 x 10 x 6 3⁄4 inch Carved plywood, acrylic

69.00 $

Bracelet copper

This tree 3-D design objects with different media in private collection. It’s possible to make for the order.

Red Square
11 x1 1 x 12inch
Craft foam stick, acrylic, threads
Silver Wave. (napkin holder)
11×11 x12 inch
Cardboard painted with acrylic

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