Who I am and what inspire me.

My favorite color is orange. This bright color build my mood for a day or give me energy of a productive day. My favorite jacket is orange too. Color affects our state, and knowing its strength we can manage our health, mental state, and work productivity. When the mood is on a cloudy day isContinue reading “Who I am and what inspire me.”

What does hope and belief look like?

Yesterday, the moon light depicted a full moon by my iPhone capture, even if the real moon on the sky was exactly a 1/2 of circle. What is the look like? The moon light through the dark sky look like a light of the hope through the dark and negative energy. I believe what afterContinue reading “What does hope and belief look like?”

Together we are stronger

Who we are and why we are here? I often ask myself, “What is my mission and what should I do to be useful on the planet Earth and for the people. My main motto “Is Not to Harm” I love the planet and everything that happens today is reflecting on my feeling, my reaction,Continue reading “Together we are stronger”