The Bird From Luggage

I created home video from real story about traveling issue on pandemic time

Click here to see it and have fun:

Published by Ella Boughton

Who we are and why we are here? I often ask myself, “What is my mission and what should I do to be useful on the planet Earth and for the people. My main motto “Is Not to Harm” I love the planet and everything that happens today is reflecting on my feeling, my reaction, and my mood. I am expressing myself by sending a message to people and looking at their reaction and cogitation of their meaning. Is any art required to be pleasant, comfortable, and relaxing, or can it be an eccentric scene of life events, which pushes us for the inconvenient feeling? Without empathy, it is not possible to understand the pain or to appreciate reality. I am Russian and I grew up in two different political systems, and a very culturally diverse household, which led me to be exposed to traditional Russian art and my life experiences. My work is a blend of Modern imagery with a classic and expressionist style, I like working with illustration and graphic design. In some of my art, you can see the theme of mother-earth which I create in the different plots of my feelings from traveling or current events with emotions that people will enjoy. My art is where you find my nostalgia, my irony, and allegory with metamorphoses.

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